RTI to Police on false 498a arrest

PREPARED BY- Rajesh vakharia
Application for obtaining information under the Right to Information Act, 2005
(Your Name and Adress)
Public Information Officer
Reference : FIR No —–Dated—– at XYZ Police Station
Respected Sir,
Subject: Particulars of Information Required on Cr.No:XXYY/2009
1. Please provide me the Station Diary / Police diary and Roll Call of Cr.No: XXYY/2009 starting from dd/mm/yyy to dd/mm/yyyy and the entire case dairy details (communication docs between I.O, Inspector of Police and ACP).
2. Please supply me information on date, time & place of crime happened.
3. Please provide me I.O details, date, time & place of investigation.
4. As per the complainant statement, she left matrimonial house on —– due to harassment, please supply the address and time of the incident.
5. Please supply me Cr.No: XYZ/2009 Investigation/enquiry details (happened at crime place, ).
6. Please provide me Cr.No: XYX/2009 case certified FIR copy, documentary evidences collected & Charge Sheet.
7. Please supply me certified copies of the documentary evidences collected by the I.O before fixing my family into the case (collected from Miyapur for the allegations happened at Miyapur).
8. Please supply me certified copies of the documentary evidences collected by the I.O before fixing my family into the case (collected from Dilsuknagar for the allegations happened at Dilsuknagar).
9. Please supply me information which are the allegations happened at Dilsuknagar.
10. As per the complainant’s statement, they gave 2 plots, 11 lacks rupees cash and 40 tulas gold. Please provide those 2 plots details given and the date of transfer of property and documentary evidences collected by Investigation officer.
11. Please provide the documentary evidences or bank statements for the transaction of 11 lakhs amount.
12. Please provide documentary evidences or receipts for 40 tulas Gold and on which date they have given to accused.
13. Certified copy of complainant’s medical or hospital records showing the physical harassment.
14. Please supply me information on when Mr.FIL came to know about the incident (time, place and through which media).
15. Kindly supply information under which sections of the Cr.P.C, the investigation is carried out at Dilsukh Nagar.
16. As per Cr.P.C- 177 to 181, investigation on the crime should have happened at the crime place (in the present case crime place is Miyapur). Please provide me details whether this investigation is done as per the legal procedure.
17. Kindly provide me information under which section(s) of Cr.P.C or other supporting Act, investigation is carried out for the crime FIR. xyz/2009.
18. As per complaint, it is stated that my family members instigated me to demand dowry, does this allegation, abetting demanding dowry attracts 498-A IPC on my family members. If answer is YES, please provide the supporting reference docs for the same.
19. All the allegations reported on accused persons happened at Miyapur. For the investigation on the crime happened outside your FIR registered PS limits, needs Honorable Court cognizance under Cr.P.C (156 & 170) sections, correct me if I am wrong. Please supply me the permission received from Honorable Court by the investigation team to continue their investigation.
20. Kindly supply me information on the legal Act with section (sub-section if any) under which Saroor Nagar PS can investigate (to file charge sheet U/s-498A IPC) for the crime FIR No.xyz/2009 happened at Miyapur.
21. As per Cr.P.C-161 statements of the complainant’s mother and witnesses dowry is given at the time of marriage. Giving dowry and abetting giving dowry is also crime. Kindly supply information why police did not register the case against these persons.
22. Kindly provide me information on not collecting the neighbor’s statements at my house, Miyapur, Hyderabad.
23. Please supply me information when I.O met (date, time and place) my sister, brother, parents and relatives (accused) and informed (with which medium) about the allegations on them during the investigation.
24. Please supply me the details of people with whom I.O met during his/her investigation.
25. Please supply me information why the complainant delayed to report the crime on May-15th 2008.
26. Please supply me the documentary evidences supporting the crime by my relatives.
27. Please send me the details (with bills) of the furniture that the complainant gave to us.
28. Please specify the duration of stay of the complainant with my family at Miyapur and also specify the address of stay.
29. Does any proof submitted to the police that show complainant lived with us.
30. Complainant’s maternity uncle Mr. BOBBA Reddy says that 1 lack rupees dowry given at the time of marriage. Her mother says 11 lacks dowry given. Which statement is considered to be true by the I.O before filing the charge sheet?
31. Does the I.O have given the opportunity to the accused to tell the facts with him/her before submitting the charge sheet in the honorable court? Please supply me the supporting evidence.
32. Please provide me why I.O not interested to collect the statements from neighbors at Miyapur.
33. Does it require collecting the statements from the neighbors at Miyapur?
34. Please supply me information on “Jurisdiction” of PS in dealing the criminal cases.
35. Does your PS have the jurisdiction to file the charge sheet?
36. Does it required to inform the accused persons about the allegations on them. If answer is yes, does it happen in this case?
37. Do you admit that I.O failed to transfer the case to the respective PS, which has jurisdiction to entertain the case?
Please provide me information on the above mentioned. For any particular item above if information is not available, kindly inform me why that particular item details were not available. If any of the above items is not understood kindly let me know, for rest of the items please send me the information.
Information required: Through Registered Post
Whether the applicant is below poverty line : No
Language demanded (U/s 6(1) of the RTI Act 2005): English
I.P.O (for Rs. 10/-) No:
In case the subject matter /any of the information is held by / related to another public authority, You are requested to transfer the application or such part of it as may be appropriate to that other Public authority with intimation to the undersigned (Section 6(3) of RTI Act).
Date: Signature
1. I have given a petition dated ——- requesting my wife to join matrimonial life, why IO did not disclosed that information in the Charge sheet or did not present it to the Honourable court.
2. Complainant and her parents very well knows about this petition for reqest to join marital life and in reply to that she denied to join marital life, but nowhere they mentioned about this in the FIR. Why the investigation officer did not disclosed this information in the charge sheet.
(This are Sample questions, you can change / add as per your situation)

PREPARED BY- Rajesh vakharia

Veerappa Moily wants child custody cases decided within six months

Veerappa Moily wants child custody cases decided within six months

Vineeta Pandey / DNAThursday, May 27, 2010 1:34 IST Email

New Delhi: M Veerappa Moily wants to play godfather to children caught in the crossfire between warring parents locked in custody battles.

Upset at long litigations that leave a damaging impression on children, the law and justice minister wants all custody matters to be disposed of within six months.

“Custody matters should be decided faster and if possible, in less than six months because there is a lot of anxiety among parents and children. It is the children who suffer most as they go through a lot of trauma when such cases drag on,” Moily told DNA in an exclusive interview.

The minister intends to write to all high court chief justices seeking intervention for speedy disposal of custody cases in the interest of children.

He had earlier advocated speedy divorces and said the number of family courts was being increased substantially, so that matrimonial disputes are settled in quick time. “In fact, all women- and children-related matters should be decided in fast-track courts,” Moily had said shortly after taking over as law minister.

While efforts are on to fast-track cases involving heinous crime such as rape, courts still have not picked up speed in matters related to children.

Custody battles are most fiercely contested and invariably dragged on for years, during which children grow up in the shadow of uncertainty and insecurity.

The minister believes since children are at a crucial stage of mental development during such battles, it is not fair to make them go through uncertainty which causes trauma. He wants custody cases to be dealt with sensitively.

Of late, there has been a growing demand for speedy disposal of custody matters, due to which the number of family courts in metros is being increased.

“This is fantastic news for litigating parents and children. At least keeping in mind children, custody matters should be disposed of faster. There is a need for separate guardian courts for such cases. Courts must also give more importance to shared parenting, so that children get the care and attention of both parents,” Kumar Jagirdar, who has been embroiled in a long litigation with his former wife over the custody of their daughter, said.

“The minister [Moily] is absolutely right. However, it is also important that custody matters are decided in a cordial atmosphere. Children are often called in courts, where under trials and convicts are also present. Such atmosphere is not healthy,” Supreme Court lawyer Priya